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Gotta Move Transport LLC

Professional Moving Company in Baltimore, MD

Packing & Shipping

No matter how big or small the load is, we can help you pack your household items, office items, and more, securely, quickly, and for a low price. We can move your items with us or we can ship them from one place to another.


We can pack, move, or ship furniture and other large items. We ensure that your furniture will get to where it needs to be quickly and safely without getting damaged.

Direct Support

Our direct support lines make it easy for you to always know when we are coming or when something will be dropped off. We are always available and look forward to helping with your Maryland moving needs.

Hauling & Transporting

We can haul and transport any items in Maryland, Virginia, Pennsylvania, and other surrounding areas. We have state-wide and surrounding states shipping and moving services.


Freight transport is the transportation of merchandise goods and cargo. We can work with any stores and retail operations to move large quantities of supplies.


If you are relocating to or from Maryland or other surrounding states or moving in or out of a home or office, Gotta Move Transport can help make the process quicker and easier, all for a low cost.

We Make Every Move Count For Something

Gotta Move Transport LLC is a professional moving company based out of Baltimore, MD. We are a full-service moving company that strives to make every move count in Maryland. We provide packing, shipping, furniture and heavy item moving, hauling, freight, transporting, relocating, and more to ease the burden of moving and make it an enjoyable experience from the origin to the final destination. Gotta Move Transport serves all of Washington D.C., Upp Mulberry, Maryland, Pennsylvania, Virginia, and surrounding areas for all of your moving and transporting needs. Call today to book you stress-free, hassle-free, moving experience. 

Private customers

We can help private customers, such as individuals and families, move in or move out of a home or office, pack and ship items from one place to another, and more. Get in touch with us for a free estimate or with any questions.

Business customers

If you are moving offices or want heavy items shipped, packed, and transported, get in touch with Gotta Move Transport. We can move large quantities of items with our freight and transportation services quickly, easily, and securely.